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The Collaboration

The true genius of this home really stems from the beginning conversations between Keith and the homeowners. The homeowners were able to recollect certain moments and memories in their life that provided inspiration points and Keith was able to incorporate that into the vision. They opened their minds to explore possibilities that the home could provide. When the client/architect relationship is open and constructive, that is when the magic of collaboration happens. Keith and his team pride themselves in their ability to interpret feelings and artfully transform them into a design. This partnership proved to be remarkably successful in communication and application. Meetings, discussions, explorations- all led to the organic roots of the project.

Modernism. Nature. Movement.

The team would work within nature to create the form the home would take and keep natural components like rigidity.

Garden on Eden would be special but not ostentatious. It would live within nature and reveal itself gradually. Peeking through landscape; hidden from obvious view behind retaining walls and lush foliage. A celebration of nature. As you enter through the courtyard the home begins to reveal itself. But not before you discover the Fibonacci spiral!

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