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Testimonials & Endorsements

Shaw Design Associates


"Shaw Design Associates, P.A. is a great architect. I've worked with Keith multiple times over the years and would highly recommend them."

Mark J. (Builder)

"I have known Keith Shaw for over 25 years as a personal friend and now as our architect for a mountain cottage in Colorado. He has a customer-centric approach and is very personable. He is creative and has vision. I fully endorse him and his firm!"

Marta L. (Client)

"A wonderful architect! He did a great job on my house and then on the addition!"

Michelle C. (Client)

"Your excellent ideas and concepts overcame a number of key obstacles including a very small lot and opinionated clients who wanted certain room sizes, lake views, etc..."

Jim and Linda H. (Clients)

“The best gift is your design of our new home.  We couldn’t be happier.”

Judy and Dick B. (Clients)

“You have made it painless for our job superintendent to build a Shaw Design Home by providing plans that are thorough and comprehensive.  He has all the information in front of him from the beginning of the project and doesn’t have to waste time requesting and waiting for details. Your blueprints, drawings and specifications are clear and consistent, thus there are no questions as to the architect’s intent.  The above attributes not only help in the construction phase but also aid in the bidding and pricing stages.  Our mutual clients benefit by the cooperative atmosphere that your office exudes, we find it comfortable to work with your team at all stages of the design / build.  Finally, we appreciate your availability and the frequency that you attend job meetings and site visits.”

Bernard Malloy, Brightleaf Development Company (Builder)

“There are many fine architects out there who could design a suitable home, but Keith will create a masterpiece that truly reflects who you are!”

Jim and Nancy P. (Clients)

"We were completely satisfied; advised upfront on the process; the team of Mr. Shaw and Mr. Albrecht have great architectural and communication skills and Drawings produced in a timely manner. Shaw Design is the best in the business"  

Mike and Donna (Clients)


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