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Puzzled about Designing a home?? #1

Designing a home is a daunting task. No question about it. When the process begins, the information collected is very similar to 1,200 puzzle pieces that just got dumped out of the box. The individual pieces are small, and each have a specific role to play.

The key to a completed puzzle is having all of the pieces on the table when you start. We usually begin by getting all the pieces upright so we can see the side with the image. Then of course, it’s finding and connecting all of those elusive side pieces.

Once this task is complete we move on to sorting the pieces that are similar in pattern and color. This method creates mini-puzzles which are much easier to assemble.

The main difference between completing the puzzle on my parent’s dining room table each Christmas and creating a home from a "pile" of words and pictures on my desk is; a puzzle has a picture on the cover of the box when you start and a home does not!

We will explore our design approach in our next blog post. “Puzzled about designing a home?? #2

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