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We exist to create Meaningful Architecture 

forms and spaces deliberately designed to rise above the sums of their parts.




We specialize in creating customized homes of distinction for our clients. #homesofdistinctionNC



We are passionate design professionals who are dedicated to making a space you will call home.

Let us ENHANCE your vision...

Shaw Design Associates (SDA) was founded by Keith Shaw, AIA in 1995 and has since utilized their creativity, perspective, and design finesse in the creation of over 100 custom residential projects in the Triangle Area. Their designs focus on personal style and functional living.  Their use of the Enduring Principals of Architecture guarantee that your space will be one of distinctive character - appealing to all of your senses.


Clients enjoy working with SDA because of their ability to transform their home ideas into splendid reality.  Their accessibility gives homeowners and contractors peace of mind, allows them an integral role in the process and skillfully guides them on the journey from concept to moving day.


Of course, the completion of a custom home depends on a team of experts. SDA maintains valuable relationships with the best of custom home builders, landscape architects, interior designers, and other craftsmen and consultants. As a full-service firm, SDA also utilizes their own team’s expertise in lighting design, blending the latest technology with design concepts to create an energy efficient ambiance both inside and outside each home. Their 3D design and rendering capabilities allow clients to understand the finished product before construction even begins.

SDA is committed to designing energy-efficient homes that embrace both intuitive sustainable principles, such as orienting a home to maximize natural light and ventilation, and state-of-the-art technologies. The result is a vast portfolio of comfortable, eco-friendly homes that conserve natural resources and minimize utility costs.

We look forward to making your design dreams come true.

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