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The Story Behind the Garden on Eden

On the plane home, from Germany, is where many of the sketches for the “Garden on Eden” home originated. Keith Shaw, Principle Architect at Shaw Design, and 10 fellow Industry Professionals had just returned home from a study in conceptual design and construction techniques, contrasting what is typically done in the States. In Germany, the group had become intrigued by the various and different approaches applied to achieve better quality, so off they went to explore further. The goal was to elevate the current way they build and create, with hopes to exceed code and current expectations.

The group explored workshops from wood and PVC to custom hardware. They researched energy codes and immersed themselves in structural techniques. One of the more noteworthy moments happened when they were enveloped in a building with a true, meaningful indoor/ outdoor concept. The building was alive, and it was tremendously inspiring. Natural elements of the outdoors were incorporated into the spaces and the energy it created was palpable.

Keith left Germany with an enlightened and fresh approach to his newest clients’ home. Pencil to paper, he began to draw those original and inspired designs.

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