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Chapel Hill, NC

Modern Form

Our clients were two professionals who had acquired a beautiful site in Chapel Hill’s Governors Club community. They wanted their custom home to rest comfortably and harmoniously within the natural landscape. They wanted a modern, energy-efficient house that would be warm and welcoming, not only to them but also to their guests. They also wanted the interior to maintain connections to the outdoors, both physically and visually. And they needed plenty of space for their impressive art collection.

To minimize the 3,285 square foot house’s impact on the landscape, the crisp, modern form, hugs the side of a steep hill. This allowed the garage to be tucked under the house on the lower grade. Textures and colors, organic and sleek surfaces, integrate the house into its setting.

The rhythmic march of tall windows, combined with square clerestory windows, provides an abundance of natural light for the interior and provides constant visual access to the outdoors. Deep roof overhangs protect the windows from the harsh summer sun.

The house’s modern discipline includes an open floor plan where one space flows seamlessly into the next. High ceilings and the flood of natural light add elements of drama to the interior.


The circulation space through the house doubles as gallery space for the homeowners’ art collection.

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