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Chapel Hill, NC


A select few of Eastern North Carolina’s foothills offer uninterrupted views of over 30 miles. Atop one of those rare hills, this custom-designed home rises three stories tall among lofty hardwood trees. Its orientation on the site provides the rear elevation with the expansive view and the hill’s gentle slope allows the homeowner to walk directly out onto a grassy terrace there.

Comprised primarily of brick and stone with a slate roof, the house finds its architectural design inspiration in English manor-style houses. Triple gables across the front, with the central block tucked back between two projecting volumes, pay homage to this historic style.  A two-story stack of bay windows to the right of the main entrance ensures an abundance of natural light.

The stone entrance portico, crowned with a balustrade balcony, leads into the spacious foyer where a gracefully curved staircase rises to the right. Three cased arched openings announce the entrance to the central gathering room. At the back of this space, three arched French doors open onto a terrace.

Throughout the house, raised panel wainscoting, along with wide baseboards, crown molding, and door and window casings, add warmth and character to this custom estate home. Axial site lines provide views into adjoining spaces while accent lighting, strategically located, draws attention to fabric accents within the interior design.

As befits a Manor Home, each aspect of this elegant house has been meticulously detailed and masterfully crafted.

Landscape Architect – Arnette Clark

General Contractor – K.Alan Company, Rocky McCampbell

Interior Decorator – Richard Black

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