Front Exterior
Front Exterior

Front Exterior
Front Exterior

Detached Garage
Detached Garage

Front Exterior
Front Exterior


Photos by Kyle Ketchel (Visual Properties, LLC) 2018

Chapel Hill, NC

Contemporary Farmhouse Renovation

Remodel/Construction Timeline: 2016-2018

Builder: J. David Morris Construction

Structural Engineer: Engineering Tech Associates, P.A.

  • Major renovation of a 1938 classic Colonial home in Chapel Hill (adjacent to Historic District) to take on a contemporary Farmhouse-style.

  • Detached garage addition.

  • Addition of Front Porch

  • Screened Porch converted to all-year Sunroom.

  • Rear staircase and elevator addition and programmatic reconfiguration.

  • Vertical expansion: Low-ceiling attic converted to a beautiful, spacious Master Suite.

  • Crafted vaulted ceiling integration.

  • Replacement of all windows.

  • Replacement of wood flooring; heated floor system installed.

  • Kitchen cabinetry remodel.

  • Demolition of walls to open up Kitchen, Dining, and Living areas.

  • Demolition of second floor portion to open up Foyer.

  • Replacement of historic plaster walls to new age drywall.