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Photos by Kyle Ketchel (Visual Properties, LLC) 2018

Chapel Hill, NC

Contemporary Farmhouse Renovation

Remodel/Construction Timeline: 2016-2018

Builder: J. David Morris Construction

Structural Engineer: Engineering Tech Associates, P.A.

  • Major renovation of a 1938 classic Colonial home in Chapel Hill (adjacent to Historic District) to take on a contemporary Farmhouse-style.

  • Detached garage addition.

  • Addition of Front Porch

  • Screened Porch converted to all-year Sunroom.

  • Rear staircase and elevator addition and programmatic reconfiguration.

  • Vertical expansion: Low-ceiling attic converted to a beautiful, spacious Master Suite.

  • Crafted vaulted ceiling integration.

  • Replacement of all windows.

  • Replacement of wood flooring; heated floor system installed.

  • Kitchen cabinetry remodel.

  • Demolition of walls to open up Kitchen, Dining, and Living areas.

  • Demolition of second floor portion to open up Foyer.

  • Replacement of historic plaster walls to new age drywall. 

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